Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Subway Maps

Here's something about me that I think is a little bit weird.

I actually like sitting underneath the subway map when I get on a train. That way, all sorts of tourists and other people come up to me and look over my shoulder without looking directly at me. It's bizarrely comforting.

Conversely, I really, really hate to look over other people's shoulders when they are sitting in front of the subway map. In these cases, rather than take a peak and stand over someone like that, I usually just assume that I'm right about where I'm going and cross my fingers.

I think this says something very important about my personality, but I have no idea what it is.


Anonymous said...

My guess is that while you don't worry or care about being naked in the privacy of your own home while your windows/blinds are 1/2 open, you would feel awfully guilty about watching someone while they were naked in the same scenario.

Then again, you could just be psychotic.

Neal K said...

It says you're a ticking time bomb, Geoff.