Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another Reason March Is Cuh-RAZY!

More wacky holidays and observances.

I'm gonna go ahead and spoil the best one. If you scroll down to Weekly Observances and check out the first entry under the First Week of March you will see:

American Summer Camp Week.

Ill-timed, March. Ill-timed.


*(Via my brother Ian.)


Ian said...

I say in honor of American Summer Camp Week (even though it already past) we play us some softball in the morning, come in for lunch, then play nok hockey and monopoly til the cows come home! and a little connect 4 for those who arent cool enough for Coach!

pete said...

I heard today was national Coffe Break Day, and Starbucks was giving away free coffee, but its' not on the list so maybe it didn't really happen.