Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Boston Legal

Does anyone watch Boston Legal? If you do, can you explain to me how they get away with William Shatner's character saying things like:

"I'm tired of my Alzheimer's being a story point."


"There you are. I've hardly seen you this episode!"

Which, mind you, is hilarious. But also the most meta thing I've ever heard of a television show doing.


brian said...

There are a lot of jokes like that through the ends of Sports Night and Arrested Development, as they moved toward cancellation.

Alex said...

Yeah, sort of... Like the SOBs episode of Arrested, and plenty of Buffy stuff ("Dawn's in trouble again? Must be Tuesday.")

But actually having a character aware that they're in a television series? That's another level, I think.

Anonymous said...

Completely insane show...love it! I agree about the show being on another level, especially with the subtle Star Trek analogies that William Shatner throws out, like, "...What am I going to do, beam to Boston every morning?", or when he opens his cell phone and you hear the sound of a Tricorder...CLASSIC!