Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Maintain…

…that George Clooney is awesome.

Not sure exactly how it happened, but last night’s Elephant Larry rehearsal transformed itself into a full out Clooney lovefest. In other words, we basically couldn’t stop talking about how great and charming and funny he is.

To prove it, here’s a list of “Dude was”es:

~Dude was the total highlight of the Oscars.
~Dude was in Ocean’s Eleven.
~Dude was the driving force behind Good Night, And Good Luck.
~Dude was apparently almost on the Cincinnati Reds.
~Dude was in a Solaris remake.
~Dude was on ER as a sexy doctor.
~Dude was also on E/R. Probably not as a doctor. Probably sexy though.
~Dude was totally rockin' the mullet on said FACTS OF FREAKING LIFE.
~Dude was Batman. A kinda sucky Batman, yes, but still. BATMAN.
~Dude was in Out of Sight, which I haven’t seen but know has a great soundtrack.
~Dude was really funny in the critically acclaimed O Brother, Where Art Thou.
~Dude was also really funny in the critically unacclaimed but actually pretty amusing Intolerable Cruelty.
~Dude was one of the first discoverers/promoters of South Park.

So yeah. In conclusion: Dude-Crush acknowledged, Dude-Love averted.


Chris S. said...

Dude was also the recipient of a shout-out from one of the members of Three 6 Mafia during their Oscar acceptance speech.

Dude was also the guy who said very cool things here.