Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bottom Four Movies

Ladies and gentlemen, the four movies who most wish they were fneh. You'll notice they appear in reverse chronological order, because I just don't believe anything new can top what came before it...they can only get added to the list.

4) Timeline. This movie was a piece of crap. I enjoyed the book very much though, since I self-consciously like Michael Crichton and everything he does. Except State of Fear. Yuck.

3) Showtime (rhymes with Timeline!). This movie was a piece of crap. I saw this one with Mr. Neal Kansy and I remember less about the movie than about Neal Kansy's face as we kept sideways glancing at each other and turning to each other after each awful joke. I developed a crush on Neal Kansy from looking at his pretty face so much, but I'm pretty much over that now.

2) At First Sight. This movie was a piece of crap. I don't even want to say anything else about it, it makes me so angry.

1) The Avengers. Holy smokes. This was the movie I saw with my family as a kind of one-last-movie to see before I went away to college forever (three weeks before my first visit home). What makes things worse is that I picked it. So my family gives me grief constantly for it. I'm OK with that, since I hate my family and nothing they say bothers me.

I'm gonna go have myself a good cry now.


Ian said...

Wait you didnt like Avengers? Then whyd you beg me to get you that DVD for your birthday? I'm so confused

Ted said...

Here's another to add to your list, "Elizabethtown". Jordi and I just watched this the other night for the first time. For me, the very definition of Fneh.

K said...

RE: Timeline, TOTALLY.