Friday, March 24, 2006


Some advice: if a clown and a leprechaun both offer to make you breakfast, go with the leprechaun. Though the clown might allure with his circusy charm, he’s probably just trying to feed you this:

...which is apparently the sound of complete diabetic shock.

On a related note, always choose your food products based on the funniness of their names.

On no, wait. The opposite of that.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Kabooms is pretty healthy for you; considerably more-so than Lucky Charms. My sister was a nutrition major who also has seliacs disease, which prohibits her from eating gluten (wheat). She can't eat many cereals, but IS able to eat Kabooms which she mail orders sinc ethey don't really sell them much anywhere.

This was a terribly unfunny post. Ummmm... poop.

Anonymous said...

But poop is always funny.