Friday, March 24, 2006

More Crookery

So I entered the Houston Street station at 8am today, as I have done many, many times before. Countless millions at least. And for the first time ever, without it even occurring to me for a second that I should swipe my MetroCard, I slammed against the turnstile bar.

I looked behind my shoulder at the station attendant to see if I was in any trouble for attempted turnstile-hopping or anything. She just looked at me without a hint of surprise and said "That happens all the time."

Not to me, lady. NOT TO ME.


christopher said...

I do this all the time. At Columbus Circle, there's a block long underground walk to even get to the turnstiles. It's long enough to forget that you haven't acually swiped in yet and then all of a sudden BAM HEY WOW it's a bruise party.

Monica said...

i tend to be the idiot who pulls out my metrocard to swipe when i'm exiting a subway station.

nowpicnic said...

that's so west-coast of you, Monica! that's how it is in SF. must be other places, too... DC? i guess that's not on the west coast. hrm.

-- kathy