Monday, March 20, 2006

Crack Concert


Everything you (I) wanted to know about knuckle cracking is right here, including the tidbit that "arthritis was not a product of knuckle cracking," in studies cited. I dodged a definite arthritis bullet there!

I would contend that there's nothing I do that bothers people more than when I crack my knuckles.* I get looks. I get groans. One time someone even grabbed my hands to prevent me from doing so. I made a citizen's arrest on this individual, as he was infringing on my civil liberties.

Parts of my body I crack, often sequentially:
-the knuckles that connect my fingers to my hand
-the other two types of knuckles
-the other two types of knuckles, sideways
-thumbs (thanks Ian!)
-elbows (by shooting my arms out violently)
-neck (by grabbing my head and twisting)

*I hope.