Friday, March 17, 2006

Snakes on a Plane, post #235

All I ever dreamed it could be, and more.

Thank you, pirated Snakes on a Plane trailer, for being brilliant from the first line.

Related: I'd like to point out a trend I can actually get behind: fan made Snakes on a Plane trailers.

On Further Reflection: I should have said something about St. Patrick driving the snakes out of ireland, and onto a plane.


Jordi said...


Since I'm paralysed with fear at the thought of snakes, I thought..."I'll give it a go...maybe they don't look real...THIS JUST MAY BE FUN, and my screen isn't that big".

I think I shit my pants in the first ten seconds.

Yet...I only want to get over this crippling fear because I MUST see "Snakes on a Plane" one day!

It looks way too horrible, fantastic, awesome and perfect.

Why did my fear have to be snakes?

baz said...

maybe it's just me, but snakes on a plane may one day take it's rightful place alongside "trapped in da closet" and "over the top" as one of the best movies ever made.