Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Meet The Mets

Pro-Mets catchphrases currently strewn throughout the city in big orange letters:

"Grown men will hug."

"Buy one Carlos, get one free." (or for, ya know, $60 million)

"Get your tickets before the bandwagon fills up."

(arrow pointing up at bus window) "Get your guy with a stupid look on his face here." (arrow pointing at logo for new Mets TV network) "Get your New York sports here."

This is a good example of blatant, inexcusable bias as I hate all these advertisements uncontrollably even though there is nothing inherently wrong with any of them. (Except that last one. That last one is really dumb.)


pete said...

actually I thought the carlos ad was really dumb and I'm a mets fan. But i saw a bus ad yesterday that said get you people who flunked their driving test here (arrow to window) get your sports here arrow to NYS tv.

This is beyond stupid. And I'm a mets fan. I was particularly pissed becuase I have a drivers license and was getting on the very bus with the ad.

But come on. It's the mets. They're gona lose. It's what we do well.

kill secretary kill said...

I saw one like that on sunday, but it said "get your people who failed their driving tests here," and I took it personally, and I was like "f you, bus." but then I had to get on it anyway because I was at the airport.

Ankur said...

More 2006 Mets slogans:

Better on Paper!

Ya Gotta Believ... Whatever.

Who Let the Dogs Out Again?!

One of these Mets will die before August!