Thursday, March 09, 2006


Well this was bound to happen.

Although this takes away one of my favorite sports team names to make fun of, it replaces it with another one. Though this one is certainly more soul-sucking.

Worst team sports names off hand:

-Philadelphia Phillies
-Oakland Athletics (who originally started in Philadelphia)
-Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
-Washington Wizards (just bothers me)
-Utah Jazz (albeit hilarious)
-Atlanta Thrashers
-any team ever named the Senators. Boring.
-Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (Two for Anaheim!)
-any Major League Soccer team

And the #1 worst team name I can think of: The Toronto Raptors. They even admit right here that they got the name from the popularity of Jurassic Park. That's really lame.


baz said...

how about the new jersey nets? a team named for a piece of equipment in the game you are playing? that's pretty lame. unless that's short for something else.

knicks = knickerbockers
mets = metropolitans
nets = netmakers?

Ian said...

I read a book called Ice to Eskimo's which was written by an ex-president of the New Jersey Nets, and he wrote about how he tried for the life of him to change the name to the New Jersey Swamp Dragons, which I think would have been cool!

I think the L.A. Lakers are a pretty poorly named team also, it fit ALOT better when they were in Minnesota.