Monday, March 13, 2006

Travel Time

FYI: This post is probably going to come off way whinier than I mean it to.

10:00AM - Leave Aspen, drive to Denver.
2:00PM - Make amazing time, arrive at Denver airport.
2:30PM - Amount of time it takes to drop off car, check in, get to gate is way less than expected. Decide to eat gross stale pizza and pay $8 for internet access.
5:20PM - Time flight was supposed to depart. Gets delayed to 5:50.
6:15PM - Time flight actually boards.
9:00PM - Time flight departs from Denver to Chicago.
12:30AM - We decide to land in Madison, Wisconsin, as it's kind of rainy in Chicago.
2:30AM - We land in Chicago, get a voucher for the Best Western Hotel.
3:00AM - A shuttle bus to the Best Western comes, but it's an entirely different Best Western.
3:30AM - Take a cab to the Best Western. The cab driver tries to rip us off.
4:00AM - The only thing available is a beautiful executive suite with a king sized bed. Okay.

7:30AM - Complimentary breakfast includes corn flakes, stale cinnamon buns, and the most god-awful soft rock you can imagine.
8:00AM - Take shuttle bus, told it should take 30 minutes in morning traffic to get to O'Hare.
8:15AM - Arrive at our gate, fully checked in and cleared by security.
10:00AM - Flight delayed to 11:00AM.
11:30AM - Flight finally boards.
12:00PM - Flight takes off.
3:00PM - Flight lands in NYC. I kiss sweet ground.
3:30PM - Cab home gets stuck in rush hour traffic.
4:00PM - Arrive home. Immediately go to work.

Thus ends my 30-ish hour travel odyssey. God bless American Airlines.


brian said...

But on a more positive note, what did you learn from this experience?

kathy said...

yeah. that sucks. i once spent an entire day at the Detroit airport and DID NOT GO ANYWHERE, though I was boarded on planes, twice, and sat on hot smelly planes for quite a while. On the second one, the flight attendant was really pissy and *slammed the plane door shut* (I kid you not) but didn't do it right and they weren't sure if the door to the plane would stay shut in the air. So, we sat on the plane for an hour and a half or so while they tried to fix it, decided they couldn't, and by the time we got off, there were no more planes flying to the places we needed to go. So, I went back home after 12+ hours in the airport, to go back the next morning. It ROCKED!

Yours is worse though, I think, Alex. I can't one-up that. I can one-under it, maybe?