Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Nice try, N, but not today. Go home.


Chris S. said...

I actually think N is not the problem here, although his Badminton offense is worth calling out.

I think D and the second E are the real culprits, with D's irrational need to be ahead of N, and the second E making no effort to be a part of the pronunciation.

Nice try, Wednesday, but not today. (Mostly because today is Tuesday.)

Anonymous said...

So Chris S is essentially saying 'Nice Try Christopher. But No.'

I'd Like to say, 'Way to Go Christopher. Keep up the good work."

And also


Way to go N. Don't let K bother you.

Why does everything have to be so negative?

Chris S. said...

Chris P. is awesome. He and I can both call out the H in our first names anytime.

Nice try, H. You're not fooling anyone.