Thursday, April 06, 2006

Boot Camp

All right, maggots. I want you to take your PCs and chuck them.

Apple released a new piece of software yesterday that let you run Windows on your Mac, while still retaining your Mac operating system. It's called Boot Camp, and it's easy to use. With all the advantages of a PC, and none of the downfalls, why wouldn't you switch to Mac?

Now drop and give me 20! Dollars!

[Ed Note: When we're not falling for viral marketing, we attempt to start some on our own.]


Jonathan Harford said...

Woo! Now we can run underperforming software on overpriced hardware!

Andrew Missel said...

Hear hear! Call me when you can run OS X on a PC.

Anonymous said...

Answer me this: Has Apple moved beyond the Solitary Mouse Button stage yet? If not, it sucks even more. If so, see JH's comment.

Alex said...

Just to answer your question:

- You can perform the same two button functions on a one button mouse. Just click ctrl on the keyboard.

- You can also plug any two button mouse into any mac and it will run fine and allow the same functions you "love" from your "beautiful" PC, even in a Mac environment.

Out of curiousity, does anyone know if PCs have move beyond the Constantly Riddled With Viruses stage?

Andrew Missel said...

Will these comments ever move beyond the lame discussion forum entitled "Macs RULE, PCs SUCK" (or vice versa) stage?

Alex said...

Andrew Missel sucks, Alex Zalben rules!

Andrew is riddled with viruses.