Thursday, April 06, 2006

I live in a commercial

3 days ago, I'm on the F train at night when a couple of big dudes get on the train. They look like they work construction. The car was relatively empty, and the two guys immediately find a pair of seats and slump themselves down.

Then one guy, with a very deep voice, says this to the other guy (and this is an exact quote):

"Aw man, I could totally go for a Tropicana Pure Premium Grovestand Orange Juice."


Murchie said...

Damnit. Once again, big viral marketing trap door and EL walks right into it.

mcgoey said...

if that was really a coordinated marketing effort by Tropicana then i will be buying a lot of Grovestand OJ. just out of respect.

/paul bomba

on the other hand, i will be selling jeff solomon.

paul bomba/

Murchie said...

See, John, that's the whole problem. they just got you on the meta-viral-marketing.

God. We are so far behind the Tropicanaborg.