Thursday, April 13, 2006

Open call for submissions

Not too long ago, some excitement was expressed over the new coffee-flavored Coke BlaK, which has finally been released here in the states, after building some buzz (coffee pun TOTALLY INTENDED!! I WIN!!) in France.

I haven't tried the drink yet, but I know our 2 resident soft drink experts (Geoff & Alex) have, so I can only inquire: why the hell haven't you written about it yet?? What on earth is the matter with you idiots?!

Please write about Coke BlaK. We need to know the truth. YOUR truth.

Also, here's a neat little thingy from Consumer Reports about the drink, mostly describing how the US and French versions are quite different from each other. The French one sounds better. Ah well.


Stefan said...

On the way back from DC, me & Geoff decided to try some, and try it at the same time while locking eyes so we could instantly gauge each other's reactions.

Our eyes both deadened a bit while drinking it, indicating that both of us thought that drinking Coke Blak was not unlike drinking some mediocre crap.

Oh, and the aftertaste is terrible.

Anonymous said...

It's a bit like coke with an aftertaste of coffee liquer, without the alcohol.

Geoffrey said...

And really terrible.

You forgot really terrible, anonymous.

The highlight of drinking this was the eye-contact thing Stefan mentioned.

Really terrible.

TROOP! Agent Kevin said...

I am no hater.
I love what they've done with
Lime, Vanilla, Lemon - you name it.

But they've really broken something this time.

It doesn't...flow over the tongue right...or something.
It felt evil.
I'm scared of it.