Monday, July 17, 2006

Bienvenvidos a Miami

I think the trailer for Miami Vice looks pretty dang boring if you ask me.

So, as a kind of experiment, I made my own version of the trailer for my film scoring portfolio that, in my humble opinion, makes the movie look more fun. The stupid part is, I tricked myself into wanting to see the movie with my fast-paced trailer, which probably doesn't resemble the movie as much as the slow, boring, actual trailer.

Please, somebody stop from me going to see this movie.


kathy said...

definitely way awesomer, jerf!

i just wish my poor little laptop could handle those quicktime videos. anybody know if there's a quicktime setting for 'please don't max out my 700 MHz processor and skip half the frames'? i have looked! it's my fault for have a five year old windows laptop, i know... anybody to the geek rescue?

Jeff said...

hmm, not sure. if you have the latest version of qt and you're letting the file load fully, i'm confused as to why it wouldn't work well.


could be your video card, i guess.

any more tech questions? contact jerf for audio, alex for audio, and stefan for graphics!

tech support blog!! yeah!! :)

Jesse Thorn said...

In my book, Michael Mann can do no wrong. Have you seen "Thief?" That's amazing. I wish the music for Miami Vice was by Tangerine Dream.