Saturday, July 22, 2006

Monster House

Surprisingly good!

Some of the jokes were sufficiently demented for my taste. And the animation was cool too. Worst case, rent it.

And at the very least I can definitely say that it wasn't a louse.


Jesse Thorn said...

Script by the creators of Channel 101 and Heat Vision & Jack.

Ted said...

Don't know how you guys feel about Kevin Smith, but I saw Clerks II last night and thought it was really really great. Haven't laughed that hard in a really long time. Also, kind of actually a good movie (in addition to being funny).

Prediction: Chris will like it a lot, but not tell anybody. Geoff will also like it, but might throw out a fneh just for fun. Alex will hate it. Stefan will have to listen to Biz complain about Kevin Smith. And Jeff, well, Jeff is kind of an enigma. I have no idea what....wait...Jeff won't see it. Yes. Jeff won't see it.

Stefan said...

For the record, Biz is a HUGE Kevin Smith fan, and we will absolutely be seeing Clerks II. Probably on Wednesday. I will enjoy it just fine, and she will love it. That's my prediction!

ted said...

My new prediction is that I'm completely wrong about my prediction.

I guess I'm NOT psychic.

Dammit. I really hoped I was psychic.