Monday, July 24, 2006


Oh holy Lord. Breathe, everyone. Breathe.

We can get through this tough time together. Remember that time when that other hugest website in the world crashed? We made it through that OK, didn't we? I think we even learned a little something.

So hold the course and play Pac-Man. We'll be through the worst of it soon.

Whatever you do though, don't go here. You're stronger than that.


Anonymous said...

Meatspace: still up--12 billion years and counting.

Jordi said... will anyone know that I've switched my hilarious joke "Occupation" from 'Bikini Inspector and World's Greatest Grandpa' to 'Nag Of The Year (According to My Husband!)'?

Oh no...

World's Greatest Grandpa/Bikini Inspector said...

I am so sick of you smartie pants college boys and your wisecracks. There was a worldwide search and talent contest, multiple levels of judging, and Heaven knows those Werther's don't just hand themselves out. To say nothing of the fact that I was blessed with the ability to measure G-string integrity from up to 100 metres.

And it was _the_missus_ who won Nag Of The Year, and BY UNANINMOUS DECISION!

brian said...

Apparently there was a brownout at their hosting center. California is running out of juice again. It's time to move.