Monday, July 24, 2006

120 Minutes

Last night, on the PATH train back from Hoboken:

Mary and I get on the train, see it's crowded. Mary offers me a remaining seat, I offer it back to her. She sits down. Guy in a seat across from Mary says, "You can have my seat if you want to sit together."

I turn around to say thank you, and naturally, that guy is Matt Pinfield.

So we graciously take the seat, and stop the discussion we've been having for the last 30 minutes about VH1's programming, because that would just be embarassing.

He gets off at 14th street, and on the way out says, "Have a great night you guys," to which we say, "You too."

Immediately, it turns out both Mary and myself were sort of listening to each other chat on the train ride, but actually trying desperately to see what cool new band Mr. Pinfield was listening to on his iPod.

So thank you, Matt Pinfield, for being super nice and giving up your seat. If anyone knows him, please let him know that I would be happy to give up seats to our show to him any time.

Also, later, we got these really awesome juice snacks.


Anonymous said...

It was the band sharing the same name as new Ben & Jerry's offering: Arctic Barkley.

(ref. #7 - Things To Do On The Subway In Order Of Decreasing Humanity)

Clinton said...

Matt Pinfield is everwhere...

Just last night, my girlfriend and I were arguing about whether or not he was the host of Headbangers Ball; I taken the (right) position that he wasn't and she adament that he was.

A quick trip to IMDB cleared it all up and, long story short, I hit her with a brick because you NEVER CROSS ME!!!

mary said...

Matt Pinfield was definitely the host of HeadBanger's Ball. it was during that sad time when they were playing lots more Disturbed and Korn and not enough Shadow's Fall and Mastadon. seriously, i think you're wrong...

and those awesome juice nuggest were really amazing.

Anonymous said...

mary, you're adorable....but i think the argument that 'clinton' and his ladyfriend were having was whether or not (the soothing sounds of) pinfield was STILL the host of headbanger's ball. am i right, mr president?

ps, more DragonForce!!!

mary said...

oh i see now! the current host (the guy from hatebreed) is also bald, so i can see how that would be confusing...

and you mean adorable in the most hardcore way possible, right?