Monday, July 24, 2006

Three UNBELIEVABLE Facts About Weekend at Bernies

1) I Actually Used to Think it Was Hilarious.

2) My Eagle Eyes Spied that The Human Giant's Jason Woliner played the part of "Bratty Kid." I believe this is the kid that keeps burying Bernie in sand, but I could be wrong.

3) The Stars of the Movie, Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy, don't hit on the idea to pretend Bernie is still alive until the last 20 minutes of the movie.

When watching the movie tonight, that last one blew my mind. No, not that Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy starred in a movie. That the plot of the movie, the thing the movie is known for, happens 70 minutes into the film. Incredible.


Anonymous said...

4) The movie's original working title was "The Unnamed Skeet Ulrich Project".

Anonymous said...

that's not true....when they take him out on the boat and stuff, they're pretending he's alive. and that happens earlier than the 20 minutes from the end. get your shit straight, zalben.

Alex said...

Eh. Wrong. That happens 15 minutes before the end of the movie.

I definitely thought that it happened earlier, too, until I watched it last night.

Anonymous said...

alex, stop being wrong. please. for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Whats really funny? No one has the balls to sit thru the movie again to check and see if BAtshitcrazy Zaben is right or wrong. Well played. Well played.