Monday, July 24, 2006


Yesterday was the inaugural Haggerty Annual Kickball Game, which may or may not be its official family-sanctioned moniker. I will check into that.

First and most importantly, you should know that I was the MVP of this game. I hit 2 homers, knocked in 9 runs and led Team Unity to a 16-13 victory in 5 innings with the game called due to tired, hungry players. Not only that, I nailed down the save with some stellar pitching in the bottom of the fifth, holding the other team (I don't believe they had a name) to one run and pitching out of a bases-loaded jam with one out.

Some may say my brother Tristan was the MVP, and he certainly had a splendid game, knocking in more runs than even I, I believe. But that opens up the age-old question, can the losing side support an MVP? I contend that it cannot.

Play of the Game: Patrick pegging Tristan at second base to quell a fourth inning rally.
Defensive Play of the Game: Ian pegging Patrick at third base. You had to be there.
Friend of the Game: Chris Principe. I don't play without my friend*, and his stellar defense and timely hitting showed us all why.
Jerk of the Game: Me, for announcing myself MVP at every available moment, but also for yelling at my teammate/10-year old neighbor when he threw to me instead of stepping on third. But hey. Ya step on third.

*Inside joke. Don't worry, Chris isn't my friend.


Jessie said...

What a bizarre kickball coincidence! My house had a hotpants kickball party on Saturday. I wasn't the MVP (partially because it turns out your fielding really suffers if you aren't willing to put down your beer) but I did get a couple decent kicks in. Were you using a regulation WAKA kickball?

Ian said...

The score was 19-17 moron..MVPs have to pay attention to games too...

caitlin is an alcoholic! said...

ah yes, kickball, the game of summer and old young people trying to reclaim their youth.
I must declare, I was something of an MVP at OUR 4th of July kickball extravaganza. Not because of my ability to score runs (nay, my total totaled zero), but uncanny proficienty at trashtalking the other team and falling down drunk in between plays.
I was really the heart of the team.