Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Horrible Photoshop Day

Welcome to the first ever SimulPost* with PrincessPonyPartyAmazing!

Surprisingly, the first to initiate this tradition are not the two members of the respective blogs that are dating. Rather it is Jordi and I, which is additionally surprising because we are SWORN ENEMIES. We are actually hoping to bring each other down through this stunt.

Anyway, here is a picture Jordi found whilst presumably searching for "Snakes on a Plane":

I then told her that she should post it up...but for some reason her blog won't let her. So she put up a Jordana Barnes original, from her brain to your screen. I believe she sent it to EL in an e-mail once. It made me laaaaaaaugh.

*None of this has happened yet. But it will! Oh it will! In the meantime, enjoy this one alone as part one of a StaggerPost.