Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Secret Bathroom Desires, Vol. 2

It’s nearly two in the morning and my mind just won’t let me fall asleep for some reason. This is strange, because I’m pretty sure my body is on the verge of a complete physical shutdown from not having slept for the last couple hundred hours.

But anyway, there is a noninsomniacical reason for my writing: I was just in the bathroom a few moments ago washing my face when I looked up towards the wall and suddenly felt the strangest, most specific desire I think I’ve ever experienced.

Maybe it was the dim lighting. Or the scent. I don’t know. Whatever the specific array of environmental senses causing this certain jonesin’, I knew that right then, right there, I absolutely and completely wanted and needed to play Rygar.

Okay. Actually, that’s not really the reason I’m writing. To be completely honest, what’s really bugging me is that those last two paragraphs, which quite accurately describe what I experienced in my bathroom just now, were essentially copied and pasted from a post I wrote NEARLY ONE YEAR AGO EXACTLY.

I’m not even going to try and understand this one, so good night.

(Fun2amFact: Rygar’s nemesis in his eponymous adventure is named Ligar.)


Geoffrey said...

a) This is weird.

b) I just had a similar experience. I saw Sufjan Stevens in concert Wednesday night, exactly one year after seeing him last year.

c) No one is going to read this comment, because this was posted, like, three days ago.

mjs said...

read it!