Friday, September 29, 2006

Acoustic Sweet Spot At 23rd Street

Once you go through the turnstile for the downtown F Train, make a right. About twenty feet away you’ll see a row of wooden seats. Go and sit in the one furthest from the entrance. Sit up straight and tilt your head slightly upward, perhaps a little to the left. Now, lowly sing the syllable HUUUUUUH, somewhere around a low G note. It may take a little time and maneuvering, but if you do it correctly, the entire subway station will resonate with your voice.

And though this isn’t a joke, please know: you will look like a complete idiot while trying it.


Anonymous said...


"He will find your sweet G spot."

Every Weekday Rush
23rd St. Station
Hang a right and look for a complete idiot.

Geoffrey said...

I was with ya until the complete idiot part. Chris is maybe 30% idiot, tops.

Come on, Anonymous. Why we gotta hate?