Monday, September 18, 2006

The WB

As I walked through Brooklyn last night, it occurred to me that Williamsburg is almost a parody of Williamsburg. On one block alone, I passed by:

- A band loudly talking about "our unique sound," to each other.

- A dude wearing an ironic Superman t-shirt (I think it said "Super Market" or something like that)

- An old couple both wearing Franz Ferdinand T-Shirts.

Also, every other person (literally) was listening to their iPod.

I guess I should be used to this, since I live in Times Square. Which is, basically, a parody of Times Square.


Nate said...

I am so sorry we put you in the path of that....Fun show last night, though!

Clinton said...
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Clinton said...

I heard they're not letting anyone into Williamsburg unless they can produce a white belt, a pretentious hat (perhaps a bowler or a fedora) and an informed opinion on Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and/or Tapes N' Tapes.

If you can't, you'll be ordered to go work in a deli on the outskirts of Bay Ridge. Because you're a SQUARE!!!