Tuesday, October 10, 2006

cough cough stomp naked

An abbreviated list of some of the things I've had to do in my new job as a Foley artist (all of these things, please note, are being done in my room while sitting or standing in front of a computer):

- Spilling dry spaghetti all over the floor
- Dropping my keys
- Lining my floor with cardboard, putting old plastic bags everywhere, then sticking my hands into my Converse sneakers and stomping all over them
- Smoking
- Putting on a full set of clothes, tucking in a button-down shirt, and then stripping


Geoffrey said...

That last one makes the most sense to me. Whenever Jeff takes off his clothes, this crystal-clear striptease music starts playing.

I highly recommend listening to Jeff strip.

Anonymous said...

[insert topical joke]