Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Crazy Sandwich (a.k.a., Gary's Place)

Um, yup.

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Anonymous said...

Sandwich? Yes.
Talking? Yes.

Ted said...

I humbly suggest that you change the title. When I first saw it, I nearly wept, but that's because I spent 20 seconds wondering why I was looking at a sandwich. I suggest the title "Gary's Place". Then no one would know what to expect, cuz, seriously, ANYTHING could happen at "Gary's Place".

Alex said...

I was waffling about that this morning when I put it up... I kind of felt like, let's call a sandwich a sandwich, you know?

If there is significant votage for "Gary's Place," or another name, I will definitely change the name.

Stefan said...

Ted's right! Call it Gary's Place!

Geoffrey said...

Gary's Place!

baz said...


Gary's Place: Home of the Crazy Talking Sandwich

Anonymous said...

--mislead and shock with "Ant Walks Over Sandwich", a la the car commercial which is interrupted by the scream

--leave the title, sandwich says nothing

--at end, guy walks in, screams "Shut up, you crazy talking sandwich!!!!" and devours the sandwich

--add crazy talking sandwich blooper reel at end

Alex said...

Changed, by popular demand!

Anonymous said...

Nearly shit as big a brick as the scary as hell fake Volksvagen ad!

Stefan's Dad