Thursday, October 26, 2006

Creative Juices

Wonder if they taste any good.


mcgoey said...

Excellent point, chris.

THEORY: 30 Rock is much, much better than Studio 60.


"This round- TEXAS DOOZY. Face cards are wild, threes are jinxes, fives are TWOS."

Neal K said...

Why can't we all just get along?

Neal K said...

But, yes John is right.

It's not perfect, but at least Tina Fey knows what a joke is.

Ted said...

All in.

Aaaaaaaaand you're completely wrong. Hacky hacky crap. From the creator of several of the worst seasons of SNL...ever.

That being said, this has become one of my favorite new geek debates. Along with Heroes vs. Lost, which, of course, are totally different from one another in every single way...well, except that Desmond seems to be gaining superpowers.

THAT being said, RoboCop is a much better movie than The Terminator.

Alex said...

This is easy:

Studio 60



But not if put up against Terminator 2 (Studio 60, I mean).

Anonymous said...

I love The Terminator.

K said...

30 Rock is funny. Get over it.

K said...

Sorry I just posted on the wrong post. It was due to zeal, re: 30 Rock. That's inaccurate; it's funny, but not like the best thing ever. In summation, sorry.