Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Who would win in a fight, "Heroes" or "Lost"?

Granted, the Heroes have special powers, like being able to paint things, or go places. But I think the three years (or 69 days in real time) that the Losts have spent on that island gives them the edge to beat the inexperienced Heroes into submission.

Also, it's a good show, and I hear "Heroes" is just addictive and not necessarily good. Which looked about right from the 12 minutes or so I watched.


Anonymous said...

Heroes, hands down. You can't top Kinch's mad radio skillz, LeBeau's culinary prowess, Carter's pyro skills, Newkirk's pickpocketing, and of course Hogan's natural leadership qualities. (Not to mention the toe-tapping theme song!)

Allen Strickland Williams said...

Down Periscope

Andrew Missel said...

Wait, "Lost" is a good show?