Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wacky Roommate

Here's an idea for a scene from a sitcom.

So it starts with these two roommates, right? One is cool, and one is a spaz. We shall call them Cool Roommate and Wacky Roommate.

Cool Roommate goes on a date with a girl. Not just a girl, though. A French girl. FROM France.

Wacky Roommate is across town when he realizes, gasp! He forgot his keys! So he has to call Cool Roommate no less than three times during Cool Roommate's French date to determine where Cool Roommate is and borrow his keys.

After blubbering multiple apologies, Wacky Roommate trips over a chair on the way out.

Pretty good, right?



Clinton said...

That's why I exclusively room with recovering heroin addicts. That way, I'm ALWAYS the Cool Roommate. Because everyone knows that drugs aren't cool.

Biz and/or Jordi said...

Oh, Geee-off....you're so adorable.

Anonymous said...

did it just get eastery up in here?

Ted said...

I was going to say "urine-stainy", but eastery works.