Wednesday, October 04, 2006

How Am I Driving?

So read the sticker on the back of an industrial looking van I encountered this morning.

Pretty normal, I guess. But just underneath that, it read:

Compliments or Complaints?
Call (718)…

…and then the number.

I like to believe that a great enough number and variety of people have existed on our planet for pretty much anything you can think of to have already happened. That is, any questions beginning with I wonder if anyone has ever… can probably be answered yes.

So here’s what I'm wondering: has anyone ever called this number to inform the company that, not only was their vehicle not driving dangerously, but it was actually driving excellently enough to provoke a stranger’s genuine compliments and praise?

I kind of hope so.


Biz and/or Jordi said...

Dear Kool Runnings Ice Company,

Yesterday while driving the 405 around 2PM, I encountered one of your drivers. As you know, your trucks can be huge and intimidating, (especially for a mom like me with three little ones in the back!) but I want you to know right now that Driver #23 was careful, courteous and went beyond the call of duty.

He didn't just signal, but performed the regulation Class 3 hand signals when required and at one point, even offered my son his cold can of Pabst through the window to help stop my son's nosebleed.

Driver #23 may have a Class 3 licsense, but in my book he's more like Class 'A' for 'ACT'!

Driver #23 should be commended.

Joan Snorkel
San Goat Hill, CA.


kathy said...

I always want to call those numbers and tell the person who answers the phone "I'm driving behind this guy right now, and, like, he's totally driving fine," in a really dispassionate, bored voice. Not even a compliment or a complaint, just a status report.