Monday, October 09, 2006

I Am Phenomenal At Removing The Cellophane And Stickers From CD Cases

Seriously, I'm just great at it.

The trick is to not get nervous. It's just a CD case. It can't hurt you. Just be consistent and persistent. Those are the two "stents" of opening a CD case.

Admittedly, I come across a case every once in a while where I have some issues, usually with the cellophane. Sometimes you rip open a sliver so tiny you can't even get a fingernail in there. But don't get nervous. There are still three other corners to work away at.

I think where I really shine is that sticker across the top. That's where people really get tripped up. The key there is to try to get the whole thing off at once. You know how some people can peel an orange all in one long strip? Like that. Even if you don't succeed, you have ripped off a large piece of sticker. Like with anything, when it comes to taking a sticker off a CD case, you have to reach for the stars.

This also applies to DVD's.


Nate said...

Here's the thing about the sticker on top. This is gonna blow your mind, and it's going to give you so much free time that you can pursue another hobby with the time you save.

1. Take shrinkwrap off however you like. I don't have a trick for that.

2.(So we can make sure we're visualizing the same thing) Hold CD case like a book with the hinge on the left side and the album cover facing you.

3. Ok, this is hook your thumbnail under the bottom prong of the booklet-holding part of the CD case and unfasten that prong.

4. You can now flip the booklet-holding part up and around the back of the CD tray part as if the sticker were a hinge on top.

5. Sticker peels off amazingly easily. This whole process should take maybe 10-15 seconds.

6. Put the case back together. Awesome.

Geoffrey said...

Ooh. That's a good trick. I'm gonna have to try that.

But forgive me for continuing to use the peel method after that. It's so delicate. So satisfying.

Anonymous said...

usually, whenever i buy a new CD, i like to pretend i'm making out with it and squish my lips up against it while "unhooking its bra" and then, viola, it's naked and i can listen to music!

Anonymous said...

what's a cd?

Anonymous said...

Certificate of Deposit, moron.