Friday, October 06, 2006

Two Amazing Shows This Weekend, One Of Which Might Not Be Real

EL friend & lover Dusty Warren will be performing at UCB this Saturday night in his one-man show, All American Push-Up Party.

In case you haven’t heard, Dusty’s a deadbeat bum from Seattle famous for his flagrant unlikeability.

Tickets here. Video of Dusty from Sketchfest NYC here.

Also, former EL member Bruno Dexter will be performing a revival of his fabulous one man revue, Sasquatch Wristwatch. The show had a ten-month sold-out run at the Aloysius Theatre in Chelsea, and the NY Times raves, “This show definitely exists!”

Tickets here.


Anonymous said...

"Dusty Warren"????

Surely you can do better than mining your porn collection for fake names...

Ted said...

Mock not the awesome might of Dusty Warren.

Unless of course you image google his name (or click on mine). Then you may feel free to mock him openly...and his cute little hat.

Ankur said...

I thought Dexter Bruno went to grad school, taught for America, got married, landed a job as a headhunter and killed Geoff?

Chad said...

No way, I went to high school with Bruno Dexter!