Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Believe The Hype

I've been hearing a lot of people using the word 'rad' recently. Everything is rad this and rad that. And that is fine by me. I am hip to the 80's lingo. Awesome. Gnarly. Cowabunga.

So I propose that we bring back the word 'hype'. It's got about the same meaning as rad or cool or dope or fly or phat or anything else that means good. In case you're not getting it, here's an example of its usage:

Oh my gosh Suzie, that dress is hype.


This is quite the hype shindig!


That movie, "The Great White Hype"? It was hype.

Even though it wasn't.

Now it's your job to spread the word. Use hype instead of all those other words that you could possibly use for it. Together, we can make it re-catch on and spread all over the world so that all people of all ages and all cultures can enjoy the one shared language that is 'hype'!

Oh what a hype world that would be.


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Hype is the new bee's knees. (Cat's pajamas remains unreplaced.)

CoryNealy said...

For reasons I cannot remember I actually paid money to watch "The Great White Hype" in an actual movie theater. I think it was during the time period I was unemployed and watching a lot of movies at matinee prices...

I hope.

Ted said...

Regional thing? Never used "Hype". Not in the 80's, not ever. Except when being diagonosed with ADHD. Yaaaaay Ritalin!

Jordi said...

I have an alliegence to 'Rad'. Rad and I go way back and I don't just throw it around either...something really HAS to be rad, to be 'rad'.

dusty said...

Geoff, i think you should also replace any destination, or moving thing, with "garbage truck". this way, when you have to tell people you were trying to run down the garbage truck, you don't look like such a dickhead. ie, "i bolted down the street to try and catch the garbage truck."

Chris S. said...

Hype's good, but I've been saying Groovy for years now. And I only witnessed 13 months of the 70's.