Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Real Borat/Fake Borat

Firstly, there is the content of this article, which deals with that Turkish internet "I Kiss You" guy claiming he is the inspiration for Borat. I don't agree with him.

More importantly is the style of the article. Here's a paragraph:

"I am not saying this -- the world is. I have received so many e-mails from people in the United States who tell me he is imitating me," [Cagri] said. (Watch Cohen in his man bikini and his take on President Bush's 'dad,' Barbara -- 6:42)

And another:

The 20th Century Fox movie took in $26.4 million over the opening weekend, according to studio estimates.(Watch Borat refresh his face with toilet water and more of his schtik -- 1:47)

That is one hype job of shoehorning.


Jordi said...

My boyfriend Sacha Baron Cohen said that his Borat inspiration was meeting a Russian doctor who unintentionally had him crying with laughter.