Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gambles with Wolves

So if you're like me, you had no idea that Kevin Costner owns a small casino/dining establishment in Deadwood (yes, that Deadwood), South Dakota called the Midnight Star. Apparently, in addition to having two fine dining establishments, Jake's and Diamond Lil's, the casino is also host to a lot of fine Kevin Costner memorabilia, like outfits from his various films.

But what is striking to me is the superbly shitty website of said establishment. Oh man. Be sure to check out the "memorabilia" section. It basically makes no sense, and is one of the worst webpages I've seen in YEARS.


Clinton said...

Holy shit, you found the Stargate back to 1993.

Jordi said...

The menu! Go to the menu of Diamond Lil's! GAH! I was just kidding in my head when I wondered if they had some dish called a 'No Way Out'...and they do! And it's nachos!

Stefan, you found my thing to laugh at all day today. Thank you.

kathy said...

Wow. It looks even worse in Firefox. Since Firefox wasn't invented in 1993, I guess. And! The menus are great.

At Jack's:
"Pork Roulade: Atop sauce de porc"

At Diamond Lil's"
"The Bodyguard Texas Toothpicks"
"Robin Hood French Dip"
"JFK's Lemon Chicken"