Friday, February 02, 2007

Hallucination #2

Lying in bed. Rubbing eyes. Maybe it was because I was rubbing my eyes. 2 little fireballs flew across the room.

Real-life hallucinations, particularly those not induced by drugs, are WEIRD. And scary. Mostly because they're really subtle. They don't look like all clean and cute like animation or CGI. They're just completely normal-looking. Oh hey, I'm just a little fireball coasting across the ceiling in your bedroom. Don't mind me. WHAT? No way. Yes, I DO mind you.


Oh, for the curious: Hallucination #1 was back in college. It was lack-of-sleep-induced. I had been up all night writing a paper for this Economics/Law class. I walked to class in my pajamas that morning, handed in the paper, and then slumped down in my chair. I didn't bring a bag or anything that morning, just a piece of loose leaf and a pen to take notes. About a minute after I sat down, the pen started dancing around my desk. Kinda funny, but one of the scarier things I've experienced.