Thursday, February 08, 2007

Have You Ever Made a Really Big Mistake?

The basic premise of this movie makes me highly uncomfortable*.

*The basic premise being that it is a bad idea to marry overweight people, and furthermore, in a more general sense, they are inherently evil.


dusty said...

two things:

1) her legs are WAY too smooth to be a fat woman's legs. fact.

2) please tell me you added that line at the bottom of poster. please.

Alex said...

Maybe I did, Dusty. You'll never know.

Lance said...

I just find it phenomenally amusing that "Have You Ever Made a Really Big Mistake?" is the tag line to what is likely to be a horrible, horrible movie. It's like the poster is grilling Eddie Murphy himself. "Well, Eddie? Have you?"

Monica said...

i was really hoping that "academy award nominee eddie murphy" would start appearing in the commercials for norbit.