Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hawk vs. Box

A few thoughts on Family Feud, as I just saw it for the first time in what feels like eons:

~It's an excellent show to have in the background while you work. I've never before had a TV at my desk, so I'm still getting used to such "multi-tasking." Still unsure which is better though: The Feud or The Hills. I'll keep you posted.

~Didn't realize Mr. Peterman took over hosting from the Tool Time guy. He actually pulls it off quite nicely.

~One of the strangest and funniest parts is at the end of each round, when they reveal the remaining survey answers on the board. When each correct answer's shown with a ding, Mr. Peterman, both families, and the entire studio audience all say the words aloud and in unison. It may not seem that strange, but trust me: it's totally absurd.

And in case you were wondering, the title of this post refers to the names of the two families who competed on today's episode. Excellent.


Love Takes Time said...

i didn't realize how absurd that end-of-the-round moment was until one of the answers revealed was "wheelbarrow". i cannot, for the life of me, think of another situation where hundreds of people would say "wheelbarrow" at the same time.

also, it's not just the saying of the word that's in unison. it's that "ohhhh, i should have known that" inflection. it's hard to inflect in unison. makes me think they use computers.

Louie said...

Show me Puppies!

mary said...

oh come on. The Hills wins every time.

christopher said...

LTT, you nailed it. It's all in the inflection.

I also failed to mention the ridiculous family couch poses at the very beginning. Just... wow.

Jake said...

step one: cut a hole in the box

step two: put your hawk in that box

step three: make her open that box