Friday, February 09, 2007

I Guarantee Nothing Funny In This Post

On the way out to San Fran, Geoff, Stefan and I were trying to rank our top 5 currently playing television shows. And let me tell you, for the past month, it has been driving me nuts.

I watch one of my top 5, and think, oh there you go, that's my favorite. Then I watch another, and it rockets straight to number one. So I think in order to cleanse my brain a little, I'm going to post my list of my top 5 favorite currently broadcasting television shows. These are ranked by two factors: consistency of quality; and my desperate need to watch them when there is a new episode on:

1) Veronica Mars
2) Lost
3) Battlestar Galactica
4) The Office
5) Studio 60

See? Nothing funny about this post. But maybe I can stop thinking about this for a few hours.


Jesse Thorn said...

You LIKE Studio 60? That's pretty effin funny.

dusty said...

well, Jesse, look at his #1 for christ's sake...he's clearly "not right"

Ted said...

And to further back up Dusty...I like Studio 60 as LOT.

Alex said...

I will submit that:

A) I've been going back and forth on Studio 60.

B) Its currently on this list because I realized I missed seeing it while watching this week's episode.

C) There is a derth of programs currently on that I watch that I would deem even approaching excellence on a regular basis. Studio 60 is often close. OR, it tries very hard and misses the mark spectacularly. This is much better than, say, Heroes, which I watch regularly, thinks it is super smart, and isn't.

D) Fuck you, Veronica Mars is excellent.

Ted said...

"D) Fuck you, Veronica Mars is excellent."

I can't tell you how many times I've said this, except replace "Veronica Mars" with "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".

I do wish TV would get really shitty again, just because I really miss going to the movies.

Chris Serico said...

No love for "30 Rock"?

kathy said...

I miss the movies, too! But, when faced with the choice of watching Arrested Development and Lost on DVD and downloaded Battlestar Galactica and Studio 60 (sorry Jesse)... it's tough to get up the momentum to leave the house and pay $10 to see something that might be good at the movie theater. I know I used to do that. :)