Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Inky Dink

So a couple of weeks ago, I was photographed by a fellow Cornell grad named David Kimelberg, who is putting together a portfolio of tattooed folks who are also professionals. He takes pictures of how they dress in corporate environments and how they appear in their everyday lives.

My pictures are now up on the site, and I very much like how they turned out. Check them out here.

Totally great guy, really interesting project.


Anonymous said...

Your tattoo kicks ass. Though I'm sure you were already aware of that.

murchie said...

Freelance graphic designer is not one of the occupations I would have put in for people who have a rough time professionalliy dealing with their tattoos; I've fired graphics and web people for not having one, or a piercing, or similar. Don't trust them.

Cool pics, though.

Stefan said...

No, you're right, that's totally true. But he's basically looking to disprove the idea that only scummy, uneducated lowlifes have tattoos (as some parents would have you believe)...and I guess I do qualify as a professional.

I will say that I'm working in the heart of super-corporate America this week, as part of the Time Warner Global Media Group.