Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Principe Is An Italian Name

And it therefore makes sense that I, Chris Principe, would have made an excellent Roman warrior. But more on that later.

Yesterday, thanks to a super-last-minute-and-quite-unexpected attack from a laser-happy oral surgeon, I found myself home from work and sitting in my parents’ television room, Advil in my veins and an icepack on my cheek.

Between spoonfuls of mashed potatoes and pudding, I managed to watch three whole movies: one fun-and-cute one, one way-too-hip-for-me one, and one MIND-NUMBINGLY HORRIBLE one. And after that, I remembered that one of the reasons I love my folks so much (aside from their twenty-seven years of unconditional love and support) is their free HBO. That’s when I watched the four most recent episodes of ROME.

When I first saw the promos for ROME, I immediately knew it was one of those shows I was going to like, regardless of it actually being good or not. Fortunately, it is good. Very good. And after I watch enough of it, I find myself wishing I were a Roman soldier. Wondering what it'd be like to have one of those stupid yet awesome red plumey helmets, and a sword which I'd use to stab thieves and even if they stabbed back I’d be okay, ‘cause by Jove, I’m a Roman soldier—brutal and savage and blood-thirsty and I think I have to get another square of gauze for the my mouth because after I rinse it out with my medicine (which stings) my mouth’ll probably bleed a little bit and the sight of that might make me cringe, but not as much as the taste of my pudding after I drink my medicine which makes all my food taste so gross for some reason!


mcgoey said...

that show is right in my nerd wheelhouse. you should get the first season too.

christopher said...

Oh, I have. And it's great. I was kinda worried about where they could go after (um...spoiler?) Caesar's assassination, but they've been doing a good job so far. Pax Romana, baby!