Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Idea Of Fun!

How Stefan and I got to Nashville!

-First we carried a huge box of DVD's and a honking big bag of costumes, lighters and more DVD's to JFK via subway, since traffic was snarled on Friday.

-THEN once we got to JFK there were 5 planes worth of people waiting at our gate, with no one having any idea what was going on.

-After THAT, we waited around for 6 hours as our plane kept getting delayed for not having a crew. I would have flown the plane, but they didn't ask me.

-THEN, at 1 am, after telling us at 1130 that they couldnt find a crew, then DID find a crew, they cancelled our flight. Fortunately, Stefan and I had thought ahead to get a standby at 845 the next morning. So we hunkered down in the airport.

-NEXT we slept in JFK international airport. It was exceedingly cold. I slept for an hour. I think Stefan slept less.

-The next morning, somehow, some way, right before they closed the door for the plane, they let Stefan and I go to Nashville! Yay!

-Once we arrived, they told us they lost our huge box of DVD's which we were going to hand out to hundreds of people in Nashville. We got them back the morning we left. Which wasn't completely useless, but pretty ironic.

It was all worth it to experience the Opryland Hotel though. Quick sample:

That's indoors, by the way.

Shangri-La, my friends. Shangri-La.