Friday, February 23, 2007

Up, Up, Down, Down, Please, Don't, Kill, Us

Elephant Larry's performing at this weekend's New York Comic Con, and it should really be a whole lot of fun (I've never been to one of these events before).

We'll be there all three days on the Jedi Stage(!), and we're planning on doing our popular Street Fighter II sketch, as it's... let's just say... demographically appropriate?

This being the case, there's something important I've been meaning to share for a while: at one point in the sketch, both Ryu and Ken promise their Master that they won't abuse the power of the fireball attack. The Master then takes a step towards them asking, "Do you swear by the ancient Konami Code?" Which is funny!

...but inaccurate. The Konami Code was most commonly used for Konami games, like Contra where you could get thirty lives instead of three. And since Street Fighter II was made by Capcom, it used a somewhat more obscure code, which I barely even remember (Down, L, Up, R, something, ?). But the scene moves quickly, most people barely notice this minor detail, and the joke still gets a good laugh. Basically, we chose phrasing over accuracy.

But if there's any venue where this joke could not only be noticed, but cause a full-out bloodbath, this one might be it. So I guess that's why I bring it up now, two hours before our first performance.

My fellow nerds: Please don't murder us. It's just a joke. But this is not. PLEASE DON'T MURDER US.


Cory Nealy said...

Odds are they will have the same reaction I had when watching that sketch: "HA! That was funny."

(Stuff happens to distract me from thinking too hard, the show ends, I leave the theater)

"Wait...that wasn't that code wasn't for that game...damn, too late, guess I can't kill them."

Plus most geeks are too slow to catch you anyways.