Friday, March 30, 2007

Listen Up!

Disclaimerama! I'm always slightly reluctant to write about commercials because that's pretty much exactly what advertisers want you to do: spread the word about their often unnecessary products. But since brands and advertising have become approximately 89% of our modern environment, I've decided to get over it. And so should you.


Last week, I saw a commercial for a device called Listen Up -- a "personal sound amplifier" designed to "turn ordinary hearing into extraordinary hearing." Go to their website, and watch their ad.

What I love most about this spot is how it shamelessly jumps from totally harmless uses:

  • Better hear your minister's sermon!
  • Keep track of your kids on the playground!
  • Placate your bitchy, bitchy wife! entirely more questionable ones:
  • Spy on your neighbors!
  • Hear what hot girls think about your bod!
  • Better hear wildlife so you can blast their skulls apart!
...without even the slightest suggestion that such perks aren't only amoral, but against the law.