Friday, March 30, 2007


Not that everyone doesn't know how awful Nickelback is... well, that's not true, actually. They had the biggest-selling album in this country last yea-WHOOPS! Almost killed myself! Also, Stefan likes at least one of their songs-WHOOPS! Almost killed Stefan!

Anyway, I just had to post this up, because I love it, and I actually had this idea but never did it. Go you, Webshite!

How You Remind Me/Someday in stereo

Via Mr. Steen here at Sony.


Andrew Missel said...

I guess they figured that the bottom of the barrel must have more crap in it to be scraped out.

On the plus side, if I'm allowed to count those two as one song, there's room for another Nickelback song on my "List of 10 Worst Songs Ever, Including Any Songs that May Be Written in the Future." Nickelback is a real-life realization of the up until recently purely theoretical "worst band ever."