Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Man That Did Not Mess Around.

Random guy I encountered at the Pacific St. subway station yesterday (timings are approximate):

9:30 - 9:35 AM - I hear him before I see him. He's following a small, bookish man all the way down the subway platform, threatening to kill him and making gun gestures with his hands. He continues shouting until the little man gets on the N train, and even holds the train doors open, sticking his head inside and shouting, "I'm after YOU! BAM! BAM!"

9:37 AM - He stomps angrily around the subway, hitting a rolled-up newspaper against the walls, generally scaring people.

9:40 AM - The D train arrives. I get in and take a seat. He slumps down next to me, shoving aside a bit of my coat that was accidentally spilling over into his area.

9:41 - 9:49 AM - I don't get beaten up.

9:50 AM - We arrive at the next station. A young woman boards the train and sits down a few seats away, in an empty 2-seat section next to wall. He immediately gets up and squeezes into the seat next to her. She is startled.

9:53 AM - The woman writes something on a scrap of paper.

9:54 AM - Next station. The guy gets up and walks away with the woman's phone number.

What?!! THAT guy? Why, young woman!? Why.


K said...

That was NOT her real number.