Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Uncle In Sports Illustrated!

So I waited a week hoping silive.com, Staten Island's web "presence" would post this somewhere so I could link to it. But my laziness didn't pay off, so I'll just tell you. My uncle was in Sports Illustrated!

Up until this year he ran one of the biggest NCAA pools in the country out of his bar... well not technically out of his bar. I think that would've been illegal. Anyway, the pool got bigger and bigger and bigger... one year, my brother won $17,000... AFTER it was split 32 ways. If you have a calculator program in your computer, that should tell you how big it got. Sadly, it became too big and he had to shut it down. But at least it got him into Sports Illustrated! They called him a "jovial raconteur!" And had a picture of him! Wearing a Mets hat. Groan.

Best story from the pool. As the prize got bigger and bigger, my uncle looked for different people to hold onto parts of it so it wouldn't get lost. Obviously these people had to be trustworthy. So, my uncle gave part of the money to a nun. Who's more trustworthy than a nun? Lots of people apparently. The nun stole it.

But don't worry, my uncle didn't hate her when she died. At least, that's what he told Sports Illustrated! Which he was in! My uncle!

Read more about the pool (and not Sports Illustrated unfortunately) here.