Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Pleasing conversation in the office elevator

I entered the elevator yesterday with a co-worker, along with three women and two men, all of whom I don't know. All seven of us were returning from the cafeteria. The elevator doors close.

Me: So what'd you get for lunch?

Co-worker: I got the meat loaf.

Me: Nice!

Woman 1: (incredulous) Really, meat loaf?

Co-worker: Yeah, I figured why not?

Woman 2: You trust the cafeteria for meat loaf?

Co-worker: Sure...

Me: Meat loaf's generally pretty hard to mess up.

Man 1: I guess that's true.

Me: Especially when you wrap it in bacon!


Elevator doors open. All seven people file out, discussing how much they love bacon.


nowpicnic said...

That is an awesome elevator conversation!

Unrelated: Did you guys see this in the NY Times?

From Darwin's God (page 3 online):
"So if there is motion just out of our line of sight, we presume it is caused by an agent, an animal or person with the ability to move independently. This usually operates in one direction only; lots of people mistake a rock for a bear, but almost no one mistakes a bear for a rock."

Almost no one ... until NOW.

nowpicnic said...

Page 4, actually.

right here